BVI Customs Increase – What You Should Know

BVI Customs Increase – What You Should Know

Beginning August 1, 2017 the British Virgin Islands implemented an increase in customs and Cruising Permit fees for services to all not native visitors to the BVI. Other additional fees will be implemented as part of the British Virgin Islands’ Environmental Protection and Tourism Improvement Fund Act 2017. The additional funds collected by the BVI government are said to be “utilized to facilitate the environmental protection and improvement along with the climate change, the maintenance and development of tourists sites and other tourism related activities”.  Although there are some exceptions to the additional fees and charges, all increases apply and will be reflected in Cruz Bay Watersports BVI day trip pricing effective immediately.

What Does This Mean For You?

Cruz Bay Watersports will continue to take day trips and private charters into the BVI, the increase in customs fees unfortunately just means an increase in cost for us and for our guests. We are so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause for our customers and their families. Luckily, an increase in fees also means continued protection and preservation of the natural landmarks and beaches that we love to share with you! Increases in fees do not affect the pricing for trips traveling among the United States Virgin Islands. Save money on customs fees by trying one of our awesome USVI day trips departing from St. John or St. Thomas.

Breakdown of Fees and Charges

Per Person BVI Fees
BVI Cruising Permit fee: $16
BVI Environmental fee: $10
BVI Departure Tax fee: $20
BVI dockage fee: $4
BVI National Park fee: $6
US Port Authority dockage fee: $10

TOTAL: $66


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