Top Beaches in the Virgin Islands

Top Beaches in the Virgin Islands

Whether you are in the USVI (United States Virgin Islands) or the BVI (British Virgin Islands), there are plenty of awe-inspiring beaches to explore. The Caribbean Sea tends to set the stage for some of the best beach locations in the world with its clear turquoise waters and fine white sands. Sun bathers and watersports enthusiasts alike swoon at the options this chain of islands has to offer!

One thing to take into consideration, first and foremost, is when you will be visiting the islands. The peak season for the area is generally from December to March every year. During this time, expect extremely crowded beaches and higher (sometimes as much as 50% higher) rates for hotels and resorts in the area. Our recommendation? Travel right around April/May – as the season is technically winding down while the weather remains between 70 and 80 degrees with light breezes and very little rain. Plus, the rainstorms can be quite romantic and beautiful.

That being said, we have tallied up some of our favorite beaches (in no particular order) so you can properly explore the area and get the most out of your vacation in the Virgin Islands.

#1. Anegada

Okay. You got us. Anegada isn’t a BEACH per say, but an island. It’s the 2nd largest island on the BVI side, and you will only find about 200 permanent residents living there; the entire island is simply surrounded by remote beaches and friendly people. If you are traveling around the area and want to take the road less traveled, enjoy the powdery sands of the island chain’s ONLY coral island; the expansive stretch of beach is simply breathtaking. Want us to get more specific? Visit Cow Wreck Beach and hit up the Cow Wreck Beach Bar! It’s a lovelycharming bar right on the beach with delicious food and cocktails; the “Cow Killer” is their most popular beverage. They will even let you take your drink back to your beach chair so you can continue to soak in rays while indulging in one of their many concoctions.

#2. Magens Bay Beach

Located on St. Thomas, Magens Bay Beach is actually a public park that was donated by the famous Arthur Fairchild. This popular location is known for its expansive stretch of fine white sand and calm waters. How do the waters stay so calm? Well, the shore is actually shielded by two peninsulas, keeping the strong waves and erosion at bay. With waters so clear and calm, this place is picture perfect for stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming. Since Magens Bay is the most popular beach on St. Thomas, you should surely expect large crowds during the busy season.

#3. Smuggler’s Cove

Smuggler’s Cove, located in Tortola, is perfect for people who truly want to go off the beaten path in order to experience something more peaceful and surreptitious. It’s remote, it’s normally pretty empty, and there aren’t a lot of amenities. In fact, there is only one snack baßr that also doubles as an equipment rental kiosk. While the name sparks curiosity and adventure, this is definitely not the same as the other good-time beaches we’ve mentioned. Some folks like to party and socialize with hundreds of other people, and some folks like to enjoy a peaceful, scenic walk. This beach caters to the latter, and the scenery is nothing short of brilliant.

There you have it!

There are so many beaches around the Virgin Islands! It was hard for us to narrow it down to only THREE. However, we hope that after reading this article you have a better inside scoop so you can gallivant in style on your vacation. Have fun, wear sunscreen (you can’t enjoy your vacation to the fullest with a nasty sunburn), and let us know if you’re interested in chartering a yacht to visit these beaches on your next trip to the Virgin Islands!