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Current Openings


The Westin Beach Operations Manager will be the main conduit for guest facing services delivered by Cruz Bay Watersports on the Westin Beach in St. John.  The scope of responsibilities will encompass, but not be limited to, training and managing beach staff, execution of safety policies, daily operations of Beach Hut and Sandbox outlets, driving of revenue targets and guest experience goals, proper maintenance, storage, and inventory of all CBW beach toys, snorkel gear and rescue dinghies. The Beach Operations Manager will also be responsible for the rental, cleaning and maintenance of the Scouts and the Scout Rental Program.


Schedule and Reporting

The Beach Operations Manager reports to the Property Director



Beach Staff



$40,000 – $55,000 salary plus quarterly incentives


Description of Duties


Managing Beach Staff

  • Organize and supervise daily operations
  • Supervise safety aspects of all CBW policy and procedures
  • Assist with creating and updating standard processes for beach execution
  • Assign and delegate daily tasks to Beach Staff
  • Create and approve staff schedules
  • Assists with boat provisioning deliveries
  • Ensure all CBW employee policies are being followed
  • Supervise maintenance and upkeep of watersports equipment
  • Make recommendations for equipment replacement, the producement, inventory and receiving of new operating supplies and equipment
  • Assist with guest resolutions related to beach toy use
  • Ensure rental tickets are written correctly and turned in daily
  • Create a team environment
  • Assisting in recruiting and interviewing potential team members
  • Challenge and motivate staff to achieve sales, superior guest service and promote CBW

Communication with Watersports Staff

  • Daily brief of weather conditions and beach activities
  • Coordinate lunch rotation and provide coverage at peak times
  • Communicate beach needs for supplies and equipment replacement
  • Create and drive sales incentive programs to meet sailing revenue and rental goals

Payroll and Scheduling

  • Manage and report days worked and daily commission sheets
  • Summarize monthly requests for time off and create beach schedules
  • Adjust schedule for call outs, emergency time off and reducing staff as needed

Staff Training

  • Responsible for Beach Staff training and procedures
    • Safety
    • Excursion sales
    • Vendor sales
    • Sailing Lessons
    • Product sales
    • Fareharbor and Slack
  • Create hotel activities and programming for guests, leading communication with hotel management teams
  • Responsible for delegating training portions to supporting team members
  • Promoting and coordinating RED Brand standards
  • Assist with completion of Dinghy Training and record keeping of evolutions
  • Promote weekly/monthly staff training in all aspects of the Beach operations, Sales, watersports and safety
  • Encourage upward mobility within Cruz Bay Watersports for staff members seeking additional opportunities

Scout Rental Program

Managing and Supervision of Rental Vessels

  • Overall supervision and direction of small boat rental fleet
  • Execute pre-underway checkouts and post-underway check-ins of rental boats
  • Review policies and safe boating with guest before departure
  • Responsible for boat prep, cleaning and fueling
  • Maintain navigation charts and safety equipment for the boats
  • Maintain guest documentation for the rental
  • Assist in resolutions in relation to vessels damages
  • Communicate maintenance issues and needed repairs to Fleet Director
  • Assist with preventative maintenance

 On Water Supervision

  • Escort guests to and from the National Park
  • Remain on stand-by on the water for guest issues
  • Monitor location and adherence to operating policies
  • Trouble-shoot engine or vessel issues


Maintenance and Vessel Preparation

  • Daily cleaning of vessels and detailing for rental
  • Checking all systems for functionality
  • Check and maintain all required safety equipment
  • Assist with haul out for bottom cleaning/power washing
  • Assist with light maintenance of mechanical and electrical issues


Additional Land Based Supervision

  • Supporting supervision of beach operations and watersports as requested
  • Land based duties: fleet maintenance support and operations as requested


Job Requirements

  • Previous paddlesports/watersports experience
  • At least 2 years of management experience in operations
  • Demonstrable experience managing a large and diverse team
  • Ability to work flexible hours in challenging environments to meet guest demands, including nights, weekends, and holidays, outdoors and on the water
  • Experience working/living in the Caribbean or ability to work independently in a remote/challenging environment
  • Luxury hospitality experience preferred
  • Authorization to work in the U.S. For any employer
  • Previous small boat/small engine experience. STCW certified.
  • Previous supervisory experience
  • CPR and First Aid Certified preferred
  • Customer service or service industry service
  • Working outside in the water and under the sun
  • Ability to engage in physical work
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Ability to be self-starter
  • Team player


El Auxiliar Encargado de Westin Watersports será el principal canal de los servicios para huéspedes ofrecidos por RED y Cruz Bay Watersports. El alcance de responsabilidades abarcará, aunque no estará limitado únicamente, a ventas por menor, comunicación con el Equipo de Propiedad Vacacional, comunicación con Chef Privado Oasis, ayuda con el inventario del negocio, venta de productos de la marca RED y CBW, y otros proveedores.

Programa de trabajo y rendición de cuentas
El Auxiliar Encargado de Westin Watersports se reportará al Manager de Westin Watersports.

Sin funciones de supervisión de personal.

Descripción de tareas

Tienda Watersports y ventas

  • Ayudar con la organización y ejecución de operaciones diarias
  • Conocer y comunicar aspectos de seguridad de todos los reglamentos y procedimientos de Watersports
  • Ejecutar procesos estándares para la realización de deportes acuáticos
  • Cumplir tareas diarias relacionadas con la apertura y el cierre de la tienda de Watersports
  • Generar un ambiente laboral de equipo
  • Llevar a cabo la venta de productos de la marca RED y CBW, así como de proveedores asociados para lograr objetivos de ventas, servicio superior al huésped y promoción de la marca RED y CBW
  • Dirigir y manejar el programa de toallas del Westin, hacer recuento y realizar seguimiento de las cargas
  • Realizar seguimiento y conciliar todos los trámites de embarcaciones/comprobantes de venta al por menor y de alquiler
  • Administrar y rendir cuenta de todo el papeleo y documentación de proveedores
  • Asistir y ayudar al Property Director (Director de Establecimiento) con las quejas/problemas y conflictos de los huéspedes

Comunicación con el personal de Conserjería del Equipo de Propiedad Vacacional del Westin.

  • Realizar un resumen diario de próximos viajes, cancelaciones, negocios de la marca RED y CBW y anuncios
  • Revisar y proporcionar información sobre Fareharbor (sistema de reservas online)
  • Brindar solución y ayuda a los huéspedes respecto a viajes con RED y CBW, facturación, ventas y cargos a la habitación
  • Transmitir al Property Director comunicados críticos respecto a los huéspedes o información del establecimiento
  • Conciliar y contabilizar comprobantes del Equipo de Propiedad Vacacional

Comunicación con Chef Privado Oasis

  • Supervisar y enviar recuentos de viajes diarios a Oasis, según lo solicitado
  • Resolver problemas inmediatos relacionados a pedidos de comida incorrectos

The Westin Watersports Associate will be the main conduit for guest facing services delivered by Cruz Bay Watersports. The scope of their responsibilities will encompass, but not be limited to, retail sales, communication with Vacation Ownership Team, communication with Oasis Private Chef, assisting with retail inventory, sales of RED and CBW brand products and associated vendors.

Schedule and reporting
The Watersports Associate reports to the Westin Watersports Manager.

No supervisory duties of staff

Description of Duties

Watersports Shop and Sales

  • Assist with organization and executing daily operations
  • Knowledge and communication of safety aspects of all RED and CBW brand policies and procedures
  • Execution of standard processes for delivering watersports
  • Completion of daily tasks related to opening and closing of the Watersports store
  • Create a team environment
  • Execute sale of RED and CBW branded products and partner vendors to achieve sales goals, superior guest service, promote RED and CBW brands, and execute to brand standards
  • Manages and accounts for Towel program at Westin, keeps counts and tracks weights
  • Keeps track and reconciles all boat paperwork/retail and rental slips
  • Manages and accounts for all Preferred Vendor paperwork and documentation
  • Assists Property Director with guest complaints/issues and disputes

Communication with Westin Vacation Ownership Team Concierge Staff

  • Daily brief of upcoming trips, cancellations, RED and CBW brands business and announcements
  • Review and provide information regarding Fareharbor and processes
  • Guest resolution related to RED and CBW trips, billing and retail room charges
  • Forward critical communications regarding guest or property information to Property Director
  • Reconciliation and accounting of Vacation Ownership Team vouchers

Communication with Oasis Private Chef

  • Monitor and submit daily trip counts to Oasis as requested
  • Problem solve immediate issues with incorrect food orders

Cruz Bay Watersports, ubicado en las Islas Vírgenes de los Estados Unidos, está en la búsqueda de Tripulación para Ferry (transbordador) tiempo completo en nuestro servicio de Operación de Ferry que funciona diariamente durante todo el año. Estamos buscando miembros de tripulación con entusiasmo, dedicados y dispuestos a trabajar en equipos que operan a un alto nivel. Nuestra flota actualmente está compuesta por un catamarán rompe olas de 100 pies de largo y un buque de dos pisos de 50 pies de largo.
Las operaciones se centran en el traslado de huéspedes y empleados de Westin St John Resorts and Villas, con servicio de temporada a Lovango Cay Resort. Todos nuestros buques son buques inspeccionados por la USCG (Guardia Costera de los Estados Unidos).

Estamos buscando miembros para el equipo que sobresalgan en servicio al cliente, que disfruten de comunicarse con los huéspedes a bordo de las embarcaciones y que tengan pasión por navegar las islas. Cruz Bay Watersports ofrece oportunidades para que las personas adecuadas crezcan en una variedad de puestos diferentes.

Las responsabilidades laborales pueden incluir, entre otras:

  • Operar de forma segura embarcación inspeccionada por la USCG
  • Inspeccionar embarcaciones antes y después de los viajes
  • Interactuar con los huéspedes durante los traslados en ferry
  • Limpiar y preparar embarcaciones luego de los viajes
  • Realizar mantenimiento de rutina y notificar necesidades de mantenimiento
  • Subir y bajar equipaje del barco para traslados terrestres posteriores
  • Contar con disponibilidad de horario para trabajar turnos diurnos o nocturnos
  • Coordinar traslado de huéspedes con Seguridad VIPA y Seguridad del Westin

Requisitos de trabajo

  • Credenciales de USCG vigentes.
    • Primeros auxilios/RCP vigentes
    • Tarjeta TWIC (Credencial de Identificación de Trabajadores de Transporte)
    • STCW (Estándares de Entrenamiento, Certificación y Guardia) será valorado (extra)
    • Manejo de multitudes será valorado (extra)
  • Conocimientos básicos de mantenimiento de embarcaciones será valorado (extra)
  • Contar con espíritu de Equipo
  • Operaciones de Ferry anteriores será valorado (extra)
  • Capacidad para ser flexible con el horario

Ferry Crew Positions
Cruz Bay Watersports located in the US Virgin Islands is looking for Ferry Crew for full- time employment in our year-round daily service Ferry Operations. We are seeking enthusiastic, dedicated and team-oriented crew members, who operate with high standards. Our fleet currently consists of a 100’ wave piercing catamaran and a 50’ double deck vessel. The operations center around moving guests and employees for the Westin St John Resorts and Villas, with seasonal service to Lovango Cay Resort. All our vessels are United States Coast Guard (USCG) inspected.

We are seeking team members who excel at customer service, enjoy communicating with guests and have a passion for boating in the islands. Cruz Bay Watersports offers opportunities for the right individuals to grow in a variety of different positions.

Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

    • Safe Operation of a USCG Inspected Vessel
    • Pre-trip and post-trip vessel inspection
    • Guest interaction throughout the ferry transfer
    • Post-trip cleaning and preparation
    • Routine maintenance and reporting of maintenance needs
    • Moving luggage on and off the vessel for ground transfers
    • Ability to workday or night shifts

Coordination of guest movement with VIPA Security and Westin Security

Job Requirements

  • Current USCG credentials
    • Current First Aid/CPR
    • TWIC Card
    • STCW is a plus
    • Crowd Management is a plus
    • Basic knowledge of maintenance of vessels a plus
  • Team player
  • Previous Ferry Operations a plus
  • Ability to be flexible with schedule

Cruz Bay Watersports, which is a watersports company located in the US Virgin Islands is looking for a Concierge associate for full- time employment on the Ritz Carlton, St Thomas property.  We are seeking enthusiastic, dedicated and team oriented associates to staff the Concierge desk and Club locations.  The Concierge desk and Club location are the hubs of information for activities associated with the Ritz Carlton and the USVI islands of St. Thomas and St. John. We are responsible for booking guests on excursions, restaurants, activities, as well as providing information on transportation and the surrounding area.


We are seeking team members who excel at customer service, enjoy communicating with guests and are able to deliver an exceptional guest experience.  Cruz Bay Watersports offers the opportunity for the right individuals to grow in a variety of different positions.


Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Providing service and supervision at the Hotel Concierge Desk and Club Activities Desk
  • Providing guests with area information – dining, land and water activities, transportation, sightseeing, etc.
  • Initiate and follow up with guests requests received in person and through other communications
  • Confirming guest requests and reservations
  • Booking guests onto excursions
  • Researching and providing guests with additional information as requested by the guest
  • Communicating guest resolutions with appropriate Staff/Departments on property
  • Additional responsibilities as assigned by the Management Team

Job Requirements

  • Previous Concierge or Resort experience is a plus
  • Customer service or service industry service a plus
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Ability to handle a high volume of requests
  • Ability to be self-starter
  • Ability to create solutions to guest requests
  • Adhering the Ritz Brand Standard
  • Ability to work weekends
  • Ability to work 8am to 5pm and 11am to 8pm shifts
  • Team player

Job Title: Sales Manager
Supervisor: Director of Sales
Starting Pay: $55,000 – $65,000/year

General Job Description 

The Sales Manager will be the main conduit for developing sales and retail branding across all departments of Cruz Bay Watersports (CBW), RED Hospitality & Leisure company. The scope of responsibilities will encompass, but not be limited to: building successful relationships which generate sales opportunities, managing all sales activities, using market trends and targeting customer information to maximize revenue, provide stellar service to our customers and hotel guests, and partner with all parts of the RED and CBW portfolio. This position is responsible for developing sales training for CBW, promoting and aligning all CBW products with associates knowledge, managing the Cruz Bay town outlet, researching, managing, ordering and communicating with retail vendors, managing and maintaining relationships with our hotel partners and other third party-vendors. All descriptions below are part of, but not limited to, the Sales Manager II position.


  • Direct customer inquiries and leads requests to the appropriate Sales Manager, responding in a timely manner to all leads.
  • Works with Sales Managers and customers to align preferences with RED Brand needs and sales goals. Actively up-sells each opportunity, focusing on maximized revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Work with property management, sales managers, and Director of Sales (DOS) in generating both customer and RED Employee feedback on the sales and service process. Generate plans of action based on feedback, and work with the Director of Sales in approval and implementation.
  • Work with the Directors of Sales in Identifying areas of growth and/or opportunity. Along with Director of Sales, generate and implement Plans of Action to meet and/or exceed RED revenue growth while driving brand strength and recognition and customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Actively research and seek to understand the overall market. Be able to identify, report on, and action plan on competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, trends (economic and social), and supply and demand. Able to speak to selling with and against market trends.
  • Seek out and identify potential repeat group business opportunities, while promoting and exceeding RED’s customer experience.
  • Set target goals for sales based on monthly revenue projections, by direction and in partnership with the Director of Sales
  • Monitor sales goals and adapt to market, travel, and occupancy trends.
  • Partner with Social/ Marketing manager for all social media and vendor connections, sponsorships, and/or postings, to ensure quality control, compliance, and RED Brand Standards.
  • Successfully create and maintain relationships with our Hotel partners to drive revenue, brand, standards, and guest satisfaction.


  • Manage and respond to all company email inquiries
  • Lead contact and resource for private charter inquiries related to Cruz Bay/St John.
  • Coordinate and contract group private charters originating Cruz Bay/St John.
  • Assist in vetting and promoting vendors attached to the vendor program.
  • Provide training and materials related to vendors for use in sales outlets.
  • Maintain over 85% satisfaction in group survey scores.
  • Responsible for on-going success of relationships with hotel partners.


  • Contribute to the creation and updating of S&M collateral across all markets (DMC brochures, pricing sheets, photography repositories), to include Design Pickle. Manage budget for using a maximum additional 2-3 platforms, subject to DOS approval.
  • Develop a RED training deck in Powerpoint or similar software, which can be used to pitch new hotels, vendors or to train new hires on CBWs product and service offerings.
  • Schedule regular training periods with our partner resort departments, and consistently develop regularly updated branded marketing material.
  • Assist with promotion of CBW products in all sales outlets
  • Recommend upgrades and alterations in appearance to enhance our sales outlets
  • Create and manage signage, video, still pictures for sales outlets.


  • Responsible for all aspects of the procurement chain for each business unit, including following up with and tracking vendors, backfilling out of stock orders and managing delivery logistics (delivery timelines, returns, new product testing), in coordination with Property Leadership.
  • Responsible for inventory calculations, budgeting, orders, and delivery coordination of all retail and inventory. (Budgeting should be in partnership with Property Leadership).
  • Maintain a minimum 25% margin on all Retail Operations.
  • Establish retail design standards for all RED markets, in-store display standards and back of the house storage planning and procurement.
  • Under the oversight of the DOS, create, distribute and maintain all Retail Design Standard of Procedures (SOPs) and Training Materials.
  • Ideate, test and provide growth recommendation on initiatives such as onboard retail, online retail strategies, off-site retail.
  • Selecting/refreshing, ordering and ensuring uniform compliance for RED.
  • Create and maintain a repository of hotel partners, RED leadership and associate feedback on uniform comfort, maintenance, and care.
  • Responsible for all aspects inventory management and requisition forms.


  • Coordinate the returns and refunds of any and all returns, damaged goods and/or incorrect shipment, while troubleshooting the vendor return process.
  • Responsible for verification and tracking of deliveries, with weekly and ad-hoc reporting to Operations and Finance Management teams.
  • Research products for retail sale on the property outlets and manage RED and CBW branding across all property outlets.
  • Develop and assess product lines for maximum revenue, and source and merchandise with vendors.
  • Receive and allocate inventory to store locations.
  • Manage Shopify upload of inventory.
  • Manage monthly reconciliation of retail inventory, and assist Finance with requested inventory. counts from store locations.


  • Recruit, hire, train and manage the staff of the town booth. Responsible for all aspects of managing those positions, including onboarding, staff management, performance reviews and accountability and disciplinary actions.
  • Provide support to DOS in management of all aspects of VIP reservations, bookings, and experience(s).
  • Partner with all stakeholders in CBW operations, hotel partnerships, vendors, and third-party relationships to ensure satisfactory experiences and deliverables.


  • Four (4) year degree at an accredited university, with a focus on Sales and Marketing, Business Administration, Data Analytics, or related professional field. Two (2) to four (4) years of sales experience is a plus, preferably in a luxury market.
  • Systems Expert, specifically Microsoft Excel (V-Lookup Expertise Required). Data Analyst experience is a plus.
  • Employment subject to all terms and conditions as set by RED Hospitality & Leisure, including – but not limited to- the RED Company Handbook, RED Travel Guidelines and SOPs, and RED Social Media & Marketing Policies.
  • Compensation: Up to 10% yearly bonus, on salary.

The Senior Marine Operations Manager reports to the Vice President of Asset Management


General Job Description

The Senior Marine Operations Manager (SMOM) for the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) is responsible for leadership on a multi-island business, with international focus and over $7.5 million in revenue. The SMOM is ultimately responsible for daily management of all captains, crew, and maintenance personnel and all project management and implementation of business development and growth initiatives. This could include expansions, openings, task force and contract work. The scope of responsibility will include, but is not limited to the effective training of captains, crew, and maintenance personnel, the effective management and execution of fleet maintenance operations, management of fleet vessels and maintenance program, and management and execution of Coast Guard inspections and documentation. The Senior Marine Operations Manager is also responsible for the execution of capital asset projects and overall project management. Overall responsibilities are as follows, and not limited by other reasonable tasks assigned by the CEO and RED Leadership Team.


Daily Maintenance

  • Overall responsibility for the daily maintenance challenge, and the delegation/follow through of action items and vessel walk-throughs (including dinghies), and for the delegation/follow through to AMOM and/or Lead Captain. Communicate and/or escalate to the Vice President of Asset Management and/or Property Director(s) (PD) as appropriate.
  • Overall management of a large team of twenty-five or more direct reports, with the ability to effectively up/down scale.
  • Creation and submission of crew schedules, as well as their management and updating in Paycom system.
  • Overall responsibility for the review, response, and response coordination of crew communications.
  • Overall responsibility for the effective management of all aspects of the Ferry Operation.
  • Overall responsibility for the effective communication and escalation process of daily updates and/or challenges to PD(s).
  • Overall responsibility for the development and maintenance of an active and up-to-date list of parts and vendors.
  • Parts Management List: Active and up-to-date list of parts, financials/cost, and ordering processes.
  • Vendor Management List: Active and up-to-date contact information (to include names, emails, and phone numbers) and ordering processes and locations.
  • Overall responsibility for the development and maintenance of an active and up-to-date current and preventative maintenance schedule, with a weekly reporting cadence on dates and financials. This includes the development and ongoing maintenance of ensuring oil, coolant, filters, pumps, etcetera, are always in stock.
  • Overall responsibility for the development and maintenance of an active, update-to-date, and prioritized list of vessel projects.
  • Overall responsibility for the coordination of maintenance and local contracted service providers to ensure documented timely repair and maintenance of all equipment as well as procurement of replacement machines or repair parts.
  • Overall responsibility for the development and maintenance of detailed mechanical logs of each boat, to include (but not limited to): Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing components and logs.
  • Overall responsibility for the development and communication of the scheduling and execution of all normal maintenance, such as transmission and oil changes of all vessels, including engine maintenance and service schedules.
  • Overall responsibility for the care and execution of standard and/or emergency maintenance and repair of all vessels.
  • In partnership with the VP of Asset Management and Property Director(s), the SMOM develops, proposes and maintains operating expense budgets for the local operation inclusive of: budgeting and cost estimating for current and future operations activities, operational expenditures, and capital improvements.
  • Responsible for the timely submission of payables and purchase orders.
  • Responsible for the accurate accounting for, and replenishment of, petty cash funds and the coordination with the VP of Asset Management and PD(s).
  • Responsible for the consistent and accurate reporting of costs, forecasting, and scheduling.

Crew Operations

  • The SMOM is an essential member of the management team and is responsible for the direction and supervision of all crew, and supervising and coordinating all phases of operations relating to the local region, including the overall responsibility of aspects of Crew (including ferry) operations and management.
  • Overall responsibility for the selection, promotion, training and retention of all operations personnel
  • Responsible for P&L, equipment management and repair, and coordination of operations
  • Develops and implements standard operating procedures designed to ensure regulatory compliance of personnel and vessels consistent with RED brand standards and core values.
  • Develop and deploy effective agendas and a consistent meeting cadence for VP of Asset Management, Captains and Crew, and Property Director(s)
  • Schedule, attend, and overall responsibility for all aspects of crew meetings and communications.
  • Review and provide accountability of duty sheets.
  • Provide visible and accountable daily vessel and crew checks and vessel walk-throughs.
  • Responsible for the overall supervision of all aspects of the Marine Operations, including the marine maintenance technician.
  • Responsible for partnering with the VPs of Asset Management and Operations in the successful coordination and management of the marine Task force.


  • Overall responsibility for overall cleanliness and safe condition of all vessels, spare parts, maintenance parts, and care and maintenance of the Shop.
  • Ability to interpret, administer and insure compliance with government regulations construction, maintenance & repair, safety, training, work rules, environmental guidelines, and emergency response.
  • Overall responsibility for the daily maintenance of the progress reports of the maintenance channel.
  • Overall responsibility for the creation and maintenance of daily duty sheets.
  • Create, publish, and maintain a monthly schedule of USCG safety drills.
  • Document, supervise and check off the monthly USCG safety drills.
  • Create drill scenarios for all vessels, including the creation, implementation, and maintenance of a drill scenario binder.
  • Responsible for the deployment of all aspects of vessel management in emergency planning, training, and deployment, including the creation, implementation, training and reviewing of yearly Hurricane Preparation Plan(s).
  • Weekly walkthrough, inspection, and documentation of all vessels with their Captain(s).
  • Responsible for the regular auditing and maintenance of all vessel binders to ensure all documentation is valid.
  • Overall responsibility for the consistent adherence to all aspects and training in USCG safety to/by Captains and Crew.
  • Responsible for the consistent adherence to all aspects and training in RED Hospitality & Leisure safety standards to/ by Captains and Crew.
  • Serve as Delivery Captain and on-site management for Hurricane Plan execution.
  • Maintains a positive safety culture, schedules regular safety meetings and enforces safety training, rules and regulations as they apply operations.
  • Overall responsibility for the preparation, scheduling and followup/through for all USCG inspections.
  • Responsible for the timely submission of approved USCG documentation for record keeping.
  • In coordination with the PD, this position is responsible for all timely scheduling of USCG inspections and follow up.

Training and Compliance

  • Overall responsibility for the implementation and updating of processes for training timelines.
  • Modify and update training packets and checkoff lists to Crew.
  • Initiate Training Packets and Sign-Offs.
  • Responsible for the timely and effective deployment and management of training operations of Crew.
  • Manage Marine Operations training budgets, updates and approvals with company leaders in Operations, Human Resources and Finance and Accounting when appropriate.

Capital Projects 

  • Assist with the deployment, usage, and ongoing training of RED’s Inventory Software.
  • Overall responsibility for the developing and maintaining of service kits for each vessel.
  • Management ongoing care, maintenance and organization of the Shop, including the following:
  • Develop and maintain an ongoing list of tools, supplies, and spare parts
  • Clean out and removal of all unnecessary items, including the coordination of disposal of parts/fluids, etcetera.
  • Responsible for all aspects and parts of the effective preparation and deployment of haul outs.
  • Responsible for the updating and securing of all necessary permits and/or inspections.
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with all third-party vendors and contractors, RED employees and leadership, hotel partners, and USCG connections.
  • Responsible for the successful deployment of marine operations in any expansion, opening, task force and/or growth initiatives.
  • Overall responsibility for the effective management of Boat Rental program.
  • Overall responsibility for the effective management, budgeting, and cost management of the inventory shop(s) and purchasing.

Job Requirements

  • High School diploma, or equivalent.
  • 4+ years of progressive management experience, with a minimum of 4+ years of project management experience, with strong estimating and job cost management skills.
  • Proven ability to effectively communicate to, and work with, Senior Executives.
  • Previous P&L responsibility, with a strong understanding of financial cost accounting, budgeting, forecasting and financial planning processes to effectively manage multiple budgets on a routine basis.
  • Thorough and current knowledge of marine and logistics operations with an understanding of the day-to-day operations of a busy hospitality marine industry.
  • Strong written and oral communicative skills to draft business letters, develop reports, present oral presentations, create policies and procedures, and write repair specifications.
  • Strong understanding of individual roles, interactions, and responsibilities of employees, including a knowledge of all aspects of performance management.
  • Strong knowledge of, and adherence to, all USCG, OSHA, EPA, and state and local laws and ordinances governing workplace, crew and employee, and environmental safety.
  • Strong technical abilities, and a proficiency in both G-Suite and Microsoft Office.
  • Willingness to task force to other RED locations as needed.
  • Travel up to 30%, both internationally and domestically.
  • Ability to prioritize, organize and follow-up to a high volume of guest and management requests.
  • Ability to stand, kneel, and/or engage in physical activity for lengthy periods of time, including lifting moderate to heavy items.

Catamaran Captain Pay Range: $150 – 225/day plus gratuities


General Job Summary


We are seeking enthusiastic, dedicated and team-oriented crew members and captains. Our 65’ sailing catamaran (Lady Grace) will provide trips in and around the Ritz-Carlton Grace Bay. We are seeking team members who excel at customer service, enjoy communicating with guests aboard the vessel and have a passion for boating in the islands. RED offers opportunities for the right individuals to grow in a variety of different positions.

Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Safe operation of a USCG Inspected Vessel – Powerboats and Sailboats
  • Responsible for all crew and passengers’ safety while under way and on the dock
  • Delegate and account for all pre-trip provisioning, preparation, and vessel inspection, post-trip cleaning and resupply
  • Ensure crew delivers an enjoyable, guest-centric and luxury experience throughout the excursion (includes serving food and beverage)
  • Account for and report routine maintenance and critical maintenance needs
  • Manage assigned crew member(s)
  • Other tasks as requested by Management

Job Requirements

  • Minimum USCG Master License 100 ton or more with sailing endorsement or Royal Yachtmaster (UK) equivalent, STCW95 Certified, minimum 5 years experience operating a luxury passenger catamaran in excess of 55 feet and a passenger capacity greater than 60 (Senior Captain)
  • Current USCG credentials for TCI destinations
    • Current First Aid/CPR, TWIC Card
  • Working eight hours outside in the water and/or under the sun
  • Previous day-charter and leadership experience a plus
  • Basic knowledge of maintenance of vessels a plus
  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Team player, positive and enthusiastic attitude

Ferry Crew Positions (USVI only) Responsibilities include:

  • Safe Operation of a USCG Inspected Vessel
  • Pre-trip and post-trip vessel inspection
  • Guest interaction throughout the ferry transfer
  • Post-trip cleaning and preparation
  • Routine maintenance and reporting of maintenance needs
  • Moving luggage on and off the vessel for ground transfers
  • Ability to workday or night shifts
  • Coordination of guest movement with VIPA Security and Westin Security

Job Requirements

  • Safe Operation of a USCG Inspected Vessel
  • Current USCG credentials/First Aid/CPR/TWIC Card
  • STCW is a plus
  • Crowd Management is a plus
  • Basic knowledge of maintenance of vessels a plus
  • Team player
  • Previous Ferry Operations a plus
  • Ability to be flexible with schedule

Watersports Associate-Beach (St John)
compensation: Day Rate plus commissions
employment type: full-time
Watersports Team – Beach Associates


Cruz Bay Watersports, a watersports company located in the US Virgin Islands is looking for watersports associates for full time employment on the Westin St. John property and the Ritz Carlton St Thomas property. We are seeking enthusiastic, dedicated and team oriented associates to staff our Watersports Center. The Watersports Center is the hub of all the beach activities at each property. We are responsible for delivering fun to the guests, as well as booking guests on excursions, getting guests out on the water on our paddlesports equipment and selling retail items.

We are seeking team members who excel at customer service, enjoy working outside and are highly motivated to achieve success. Cruz Bay Watersports offers the opportunity for the right individuals to grow in a variety of different positions.

Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

Watersports Beach Team

  • guests on safety and use of watersports equipment
  • Providing Safety briefs to guest going on the water
  • Supervision of guest on the water
  • General maintenance of watersports equipment
  • Supervision and record keeping of watersports usage
  • Booking Cruz Bay Watersports excursions
  • Billing and reconciling guest receipts for excursions, beach passes and rental gear
  • Small power boat operation for retrieving guest and transferring guests
  • Communication with guest on trip updates and cancelations

Job Requirements

  • Previous paddlesports experience is a plus
  • Customer service or service industry service a plus
  • Working outside in the water and under the sun
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Ability to be self-starter
  • Team player